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Police can’t be everywhere at all times. No matter how efficiently they use their time or how much effort they put into patrolling hot spots and areas of concern, they can’t be everywhere. It’s up to the community to get involved and assist them. Seeing BCP patrols: community members can see us driving down their streets, they can talk to our volunteers, and the community knows that they are being looked out for. Criminals, or others looking to cause trouble, also see our patrols and see that someone is watching. We use that to our advantage, and our volunteers help keep you safe.

The Baltimore Community Patrol is citizens who patrol areas, reporting suspicious or unlawful activity in their community to assist the Baltimore police and help keep your neighborhood safer. BCW and BCP volunteers make no arrests, but rather become additional eyes and ears for the Baltimore Police Department and their neighborhoods.


Education is paramount to safety, and we want to ensure we were helping the community understand their role in staying safe.

Who says you have to get in one of our vehicles to patrol.
Most of us are out in our neighborhoods on a regular basis: we walk our dogs, drive to and from work, walk to the park, ride our bikes, etc. We all know our neighborhoods, and we all know when something doesn’t look right. So why not use this knowledge to fight crime while doing something you were already doing anyhow? Let us train you to patrol your neighborhood safely and effectively while you're out doing those things you are already doing.


Volunteer Duties
There are opportunities for every neighbor to participate in Neighborhood Watch.

Duties of the Neighborhood Watch Automobile Patrol

Neighborhood patrols are non-confrontational. Volunteers are not to get out of their cars.
Participants sign up to drive the neighborhood during peak crime hours.
They watch for suspicious activity around automobiles and homes.
If criminal activity is observed the BCP Baltimore Community Patrol team will call 911 and report the location.
Volunteers never attempt to apprehend. That is the duty of the Baltimore Police Dept.
Volunteers serve one-two hour per shift on mornings or evenings.
Volunteers must have their automobile clearly marked with Neighborhood Watch signs when patrolling the neighborhood after sunset.
Each automobile will have strong flashlights, notepad, pen, and a charged cell phone.
Signs and necessary equipment, other than a cell phone, will be provided by BCP BCW.
NO WEAPONS of any kind are to be carried by volunteers while patrolling. 
Patrol volunteers will receive training in observation and reporting.
Additional Police patrol training will be made available to volunteers throughout the year.


Duties of the Neighborhood Watch Foot Patrol

BCP foot Patrols are out walking our community looking for suspicious activities. They walk up and down our streets, parks, and Commercial areas. Are foot patrols May have a dog patrol with him that has been certified by BCP. All dog patrols must have a security vest on. These normally cost $16 to $18. These are nice and bright to the day and light up at night time when lights shine on them. Foot patrols will be wearing one of our blue vests. These are highly visible through the day and night. They have multiple pockets on them to store radios, phones in any other equipment needed to carry.


Duties of the Baltimore Mounted Patrol

BCP has mounted Patrols that are normally riding the back roads on and around Baltimore Ohio. Mounted Patrols are always looking for suspicious activities. They do their normal rides just like any other ride that they would do on horseback. Mounted Patrol riding after Dark we'll have to wear a reflective vest and reflective gear on your horse or cart.


Duties of the Neighborhood Watch Block Leader

Meet all residents on your block.
Explain the purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program.
Enlist block residents to participate in the program to be aware of happenings on their block.
Explain procedures for reporting any suspicious person or activity to law enforcement.
Assist neighbors in the identification of security needs.
Be aware of the special needs of neighbors and city services maintenance needs.
Organize block activities to support Neighborhood Watch and neighborhood interaction.
Duties of a Neighborhood Watch Participant


Get to know your neighbors.
Exchange telephone numbers and emergency contact information.
Be alert to activity on your street. Know when something is suspicious.
Learn when and how to contact the Baltimore Police Department to make a report.
Remember that Neighborhood Watch participants serve as eyes and ears only. They do not attempt to apprehend. That is the responsibility of law enforcement.

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